About Us
The National Independent Special Schools Association (NISSA) is a non-profit association whose mission is to ensure access for children and young people to independent special education. The association consists solely of independent (non-Government) Special Education facilities. NISSA represents a range of facilities nationally that provide special education programs for children and youth with mild to severe disabilities who may also need special therapeutic education services that address their unique needs. NISSA believes the presence of a small but significant independent Special Education sector is essential in the promotion of quality education of children and young people with special needs and the provision of choice in schooling.  

Today, independent special schools continue to conduct much-needed high quality educational programs to children with special needs. A combination of Government funding and individual fundraising has ensured that the important and vital services of independent special schools flourish as a valuable and substantial community resource and a viable alternative for the education of children who require their programs.

Independent special schools are dynamic and effective schools that have played a fundamental role in the development of Special Education in Australia and there is a continuing demand for their services. They are noted for innovation and for pioneering new services for children who require different approaches to meet their educational and other life preparation needs.

NISSA has arisen from the collective judgement of the leadership of independent special schools that there was a need for an organisation to provide a forum for debating matters of common interest and a collective voice that represents independent special schools on a broad range of issues across Australia. (Constitution of National Independent Special Schools Association)

 (last updated 22 January 2018)